At the end of the day your law firm's future success depends on the satisfied referrals of past clients.  There is no better way to satisfy clients than to deliver successful, efficient and timely results.  By employing and retaining the best legal talent, you are investing in your clients and by extension, your law firm's future.  We can show you how to hire and retain the best legal talent and help to create commonsense compensation and incentive systems that reward employees for hard work while at the same time recognizing the need to create life-work balance.


Current technology, effective and efficient management systems, and consistent adherence to operations procedures and policies are the building blocks to a superbly managed law firm.  Our firm can provide advice, templates, manuals, and best practices for implementing law firm systems and policies.  We can train employees on system implementation and can work with your existing work force to obtain investment and buy-in to the changes in systems. 

The success of any law firm hinges on four critical factors:  (1) The creation of long-lasting and happy client relationships; (2) The ability to be the create a niche and provide to top-quality legal services; (3) The understanding that a law firm is a business and the willingness to run the law firm as an efficient and profitable enterprise; and (4) The vision to always be looking to improve.  Strategy4Success helps balance all of these factors into a formula that will lead to law firm success and ultimately higher job satisfaction for both employees and owners.


Creating a law firm brand in the marketplace based on the law firm strengths, and then marketing in line with the brand and in the direction of those strengths is key.  Equally important is focusing on interactional excellence with customers and clients.  Every interaction is a marketing opportunity.  Combining branding and interactional excellence will help make the law firm stand out from the competition.  We will show you how to get there. 

Strategic planning is critical to business success. Our approach to strategic planning involves defining the firm's mission statement, vision and identity. This involves a lot of out-of-the-box thinking about who how the law firm sees itself, how others see the law firm, what space the law firm occupies in the legal arena and where the law firm wants to go next.